Kingston Lamp Post Light 1.3m
Kingston Lamp Post Light 1.3m

Smart Garden

Kingston Lamp Post Light 1.3m


The Kingston Lamp Post Light looks great in any garden; it is tall enough to be placed among plants and shrubs without being overwhelmed and still giving off a captivating bright light. It’s the perfect addition to any garden specifically in areas where access to mains electricity is difficult. It comes with a base and a spike meaning that it can simply be placed on any flat surface or be pushed into soft ground where balance is more difficult. Following being charged via energy from direct sunlight through its  integral panels it is then automatically turned on in the evening giving off a bright illuminating light and then switches off following dawn.

  • Black finished with  beautiful final dental
  • Powered by integral solar panel
  • 6 white LEDs per each light
  • Height: 1.3 m
  • Material: post part of lamp post is made from metal and head part from plastic
  • Smart Garden Brand